Thursday, July 16, 2009

Missing the family

Well I just got done looking through the pictures from 4th of July (they had a get together in Kansas at Richard and Bobbie's) for the second time. The Texas Byers were there, the A.C. Byers were there, the Matt Coldwell's, the Jackson's, the Bergs, PaPa and Bucka... it just makes me miss home!!! I wish we were there on the 4th. I miss our family! I miss my grandparents, and my grandma too. (I just saw the rest of the Dunbar's 2 weeks ago). I especially miss them on days that I'm not doing anything or when I'm stressing over stuff (i.e. bills... wishing I was a kid again!!!) like today. It just sucks, alot.
Don't get me wrong, Jeremy and I had an okay time on the 4th. It would have really sucked if we wouldn't have bonding time. But I guess that's what this life is all about right?! Missing stuff..
I guess I just wasn't ready for it and we have been up here for 7 months.
I'm hoping to land this new job soon (a receptionist for a vet clinic). If I do get this job I will be way less stressed, but I don't have it yet, so until then... stress time!!
I miss my friends. There are so many people that I used to talk to all the time, and now I barely talk to them at all! I have only made one friend up here, really. One that I would actually go hang out with. Talk about sucks! And she is so busy lately that we don't hang out anymore.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, you get to see your family, eat home cookin' and get presents! But when less family comes to Christmas, and you get less gifts (that sounds greedy but that's not the point I'm making) you know something is wrong. Less people should mean more gifts, right? I've noticed this in the past couple years. First Donald left, then Chris, occasionally Jennifer makes it down. Sometimes the Oleson's go to Colorado instead. So less gifts just makes it more gloomy, on top of less people.

I guess I'm just whining in this blog. We'll call it getting some stuff off my chest. I really just wish I could wave my magic wand and change things, for a lot of people.

So I will leave you with this saying. I always used it in my speeches when I was running for an FFA officer:

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