Thursday, December 31, 2009


Jeremy, WallE and I went home for Christmas. I kept teasing, saying that we were bringing the snow with us and did we ever! The wind was CRAZY also! We had Christmas with Mom, Elissa, Wendi and Grandma on Wednesday the 23rd. Then on the 24th we just hung out. We were going to go to Wichita to see my dad and grandparents but that's when the snow and wind started, so we were pretty snowed in. We did hit up Wal Mart in A.C. and Winfield and while Jeremy and his dad were at Wal Mart in Winfield, I went and saw Grandma Dunbar. It was really good to see her! Then that evening we went to the Berg's house and had Christmas with Sherry and Courtney
Then on Christmas morning we had Christmas with Pops and Bobs. Then the Berg's came out and we had more Christmas with them! Then we went to Bucka and Papa's and had Christmas with the Coldwell's! It was fun and really good to see everyone! We were going to go see Dad and my grandparents after that but we ended up leaving town on Christmas Day and going back to Nebraska. So we didn't get to see them. But we did however make plans to meet up in K.C. and eat and Jeremy's favorite mongolian grill!

We got some really great gifts! I got a stand mixer, and hand mixer, spandex shorts, shorts, a wind suit pants and jacket, and a shirt to go with them (really cute), a very old pitcher, an omelet maker, a sandwich maker, a candle holder, a scentsy candle, a flower throw for me, and a texas throw for Jeremy, scrapbooking stuff, a shirt, a bra (WOO), a scarf and gloves, from dirty santa I got a tool box for Jeremy and a hair dryer that we had the receipt for (so we returned it), Jeremy got 3 shirts, a football signed by Colt McCoy, a Texas Christmas ornament... gosh! A lot of stuff. I can't remember it all right now lol I am too tired!

I have been entering sweepstakes since mid-September. In September I won a 3 month membership to which is a gaming website. In October I won a book. In November, I don't think I won anything. In December I won $10 from Huggies, a bracelet from Haut Baubbles, 2 spittoons from Skoal, $100 gift card for, a Sugarland prize pack (not sure what's in it because I haven't received it yet), and a starbucks gift card.. that I'm trading Aunt Susan for a Dave and Busters gift card! I guess I haven't done too bad this month! Just didn't seem like much. Out of all that the only things I've received is the book and the bracelet. I haven't seen anything else yet.

Right now I'm just trying to get done with school! I'm almost done! I'll probably be done in 2 weeks! Or less :)

My new years resolution is 30 minutes of cardio everyday and 200 crunches everyday! Hello sexy body! :P
Jeremy's is no fast food, no pop, no candy. AKA lose weight..

I guess that's all for 2009! Maybe I'll keep up with my blog better... or have something to blog about!!