Thursday, February 12, 2009

First day in Nebraska

We are finally here!! We got to Bellevue/Offutt AFB around 4:00 on 11 Feb. 2009. We met with our "sponsor" and drove around base and checked it out then went to his house and figured out what to do with WallE because he couldn't stay at the hotel with us. Then Thursday Jeremy went to work with him (SSgt. Robertson, they have the same job) and did some in-processing and then we went to Rising View and got a house! We looked at three houses. The first two were in the same duplex and looked the same just flip-flopped, then we went to one down the street and it just had darker carpet and darker counter tops. We went with the first house we saw.
I don't know if I can post pictures on here since this is my first blog but check out my facebook, there will be some on there.
So now that we have the keys to our house, I am sitting in the hotel and I'm waiting on Jeremy to get off work so we can go get WallE from the kennel and go to our house! Even though we have our hotel room for another night I think we are going to stay the night in our house tonight, we have blankets and pillows..
We are both so excited for this adventure, even though WallE isn't so sure about the stairs..
The Traveling Coldwells