Friday, July 3, 2009

Are we in Hannah Montana yet?

The Dunbar girls got here on Tuesday and we just hung out and had pizza for supper! Then Wednesday Jeremy went to work and we just hung out; had doughnuts for breakfast, hamburger helper for lunch and tacos for supper! "The Donalds" got here around 10 that night and since the kids had slept alot in the car they were pretty awake! It took Trista a while to warm up to us (I would be the same way... 4 girls just smiling at her, all trying to hug her and love on her! :P) But Braeden was showing us his shoes as soon as I opened the car door! lol They are just adorable! They loved the presents that Grandma Karen got them...

We had chocolate chip pancakes in the morning! Trista and Braeden were sitting at the table before Jeremy even started making them! :P And we had sandwiches for lunch before they got on the road! It was really good to see them!! I'm glad that my family got to come up and see my house too!
They stayed in South Dakota last night and tonight they are staying in Montana. Braeden keeps asking Mandy if they are in Hanna Montana yet! haha! He's adorable! He played football, baseball and golf with Uncle Jeremy. He really loved him! (Probably because it was a house full of girls except Uncle Jeremy and Daddy!
They are both great dancers! Braeden is a break dancer but I couldn't really get a good video of it, but I got a good one of Trista. I couldn't get the videos to upload, sorry. Happy 4th of July!!

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