Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is it swimming weather yet?

This has been a lame summer! It hasn't been very hot, and I want to go swimming!

Well Jeremy hasn't been working weekends very long but it's nice to have him home! (Don't be fooled, he's not doing much housework lol) But it's nice to hang out with him!
His birthday is on the 20th, not sure what is happening but I want him to do something fun!

I still haven't found a new job, but I applied at Maurice's yesterday and they are hiring! So hopefully...!!!

WallE is still crazy!! He has been peeing on my plants, and killing them! I wish he would pee on the weeds and kill them!

August 8th is our first anniversary!! I don't think we are doing anything special. Also, August is the air show up here. We are pretty excited to see it (it's our first one). Richard and Bobbie are hoping to ride the motorcycle up here for that! And then September brings my birthday and a baseball game that we are hoping to catch with the family.. Royals vs. Red Sox (the Red Sox is the Coldwell family's team).

Nothing else is new... Just thought I'd update my blog.

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