Sunday, August 9, 2009

ONE year?

Some days it seems like it has been more than one year, some days it seems like less than a year! But either way... Jeremy and I have been married for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!
Yesterday was our one year anniversary! Jeremy had to work but after he got off we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the UFC fights! Not typical for a 1 year.. but we just wanted to have fun! And we did! :) Our wedding wasn't mushy, and neither will our anniversaries :P

Reminiscing... For our honeymoon we just went to Wichita and spend the day together and basked in our love :)
Jeremy went to basic training (on Oct. 13th) in San Antonio, and graduated (on Nov. 27th).
We got WallE on January 3rd.
We moved to Nebraska on February 10th
...And we have been in love ever since! :)