Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I don't understand!!

September 22
Not a good day! 5 years ago today I lost a friend in a car accident. He was a great guy! Very active in sports and wouldn't hurt a fly! One year ago today, Josh Skibbe, Jeremy's best friend died in a motorcycle accident. Jeremy hasn't been the same since. And today is Tyler Juden's funeral. He was killed in Afgahnistan. I know that Josh was a good guy and from the response from Ark City, Juden was a good guy too! I just don't understand all this! We are told to give things to the Lord.. I do that, alot. But one thing I don't want to give to him is my family and friends! I don't want THAT to be taken from me. Maybe this is selfish, but I just want him to take my problems and handle them. Not my loved ones.

I lost a lot of friends in high school, Nick, Taylor, Lexi, it's only 3 but that's a lot, especially when they are all in a 5 month span... FIVE MONTHS!! That's a lot of hurting. I miss all of them dearly and wish I could just talk to them one more time, but that would only leave me wanting more time.

I do count my blessings, and I know that one of them is that I have had my brothers deployed for a long period of time, and both of them are now home, safe, with their families! Jeremy wants to get deployed and I will pray for him from now until the day he gets back. I love him very much and couldn't handle losing him. I am very fortunate, but I am very empathetic, so even though I don't know Tyler Juden or any of his family, I just want to cry my heart out for them. This war is an evil thing and I don't think I could handle losing a loved one to it.

Always count your blessings, never take anything for granted, and cherish every moment!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Growing old!

Well obviously my computer has gone down again because I haven't been blogging... But a lot has happened, sorta.
Our life isn't that exciting so "alot" is really a little!

WallE went to a new place to get groomed and she was horrible! He was SO stressed when I picked him up. Found out later that she cut both of his ears! She never said anything about it. I really don't care if they cut him, cause I know how wiggley his is, but if they don't tell me, that's when I'm mad! She was not friendly either! Needless to say... never taking him there! And I left bad reviews on the internet about them :)

On August 28th Richard, Bobbie, Brother Woolbrite and his wife Kathy came up to see us! They rode their motorcycles up which was cool! And we went to the Offutt Air Show! It was a lot of fun! We all came home looking like raccoons because the weather was on the cool side, but the sun was still shining. So we didn't feel the sun beaming down on us!

The next weekend we went home for Labor Day weekend (4 day weekend!!!). We had a blast!! Got to see alot of friends and ALOT of family! Mom, Wendi and Elissa came out to Richard and Bobbie's and so did The Howards, The Berg's, Bucka and PaPa, the Jacksons and the Cutrights and we had a barbeque! It was a lot of fun!! And on our way home we stopped and had lunch with Danielle!!

Even with all this time that I'm taking off work.. I'm still getting a lot more hours at work. I was averaging 21, but this week and next week I have 29! Hopefully it stays that high! Work has been fun lately!

My birthday is in 2 days... turning 21! I'm not really that excited for it, which is weird cause I'm always excited for my birthday! I just don't have family and friends to celebrate it with.. But I guess that's part of this life!

But WallE is happy as ever and loves his momma more than ever! And that's all that matters! :)

It takes a long time to grow young. - Pablo Picasso