Friday, October 30, 2009


While Jeremy has been away at Vegas, I have become quite crafty!
Elissa got me some vinyl lettering for my birthday. Well we are in the Air Force, there is no way I am going to take down the lettering every time we move, and try to make it perfect again at the next house! Sooo.. I put it on a mirror!! It looks so great! It did start going uphill but I cannot do anything perfect so I'm okay with a couple uphill words!

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away."

And another one I did... one day while cruising for a new craft I saw this idea for a jar decoration.. you wrap yarn around it and you can include beads or whatever. Well I thought it was really cute, but I wanted to change it up a little... I put gems on it (no yarn)! And I put our remotes in it! We have another remote that won't fit in with the rest, but that one is always in Jeremy's hand anways...

I thought they were really cute! I don't have any ideas for any new inventions.. but I will come up with new ones!
Jeremy comes home Sunday from Vegas! I am ready for him to be home! He probably doesn't want to leave but his family misses him :(

I started school earlier this week!! I completed Unit 1 in 2 days, but it didn't have anything to do with being a Dental Assistant. It was just talking about finding a good time and place to study, blah blah blah. But then I started Unit 2! I can't do much without my text book, which I am waiting for that to be mailed to me! I'm really excited for this! I don't have any deadlines or due dates except for being done with everything in a year from the date I started! Which if everything goes as planned, I will be done atleast by the beginning of October, hopefully sooner!

Happy Trick Or Treating!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So I've been thinking..

It's a boring Saturday morning, WallE is sleeping and I'm watching "16 & Pregnant".. These girls always say that they miss hanging out with their friends. Well I have wanted a kid since I was 16! Maybe I didn't want one then but I have been looking forward to having one! So I'm married now, and my marriage is over the one year hump and we get along better now. Jeremy said that I need to get my degree before we have kids. Well I'm going to be starting school... and I am going to have my degree soon! AND since I don't hang out with the one friend that I do have up here in Nebraska... then it's the perfect time to have a baby! Yes, maybe we need to get some things paid off first, but as soon as that happens... you better believe this will be my defense against him when he says we're not ready! :)
I'm sure having a baby isn't all it's cracked up to be. But if I put a degree and a baby on a scale, I would rather have a baby. I want having kids to be my degree! That's what I'm so excited for. Not having a degree. But I do want a degree so that we can support our kids. It's all so confusing. I'm only 21, so I could wait to have kids, but I want them. Especially when all I do is go to work and come home and clean and sit around anyways... why not throw a baby in the mix somewhere..
Oh well! No matter what I think we aren't having one any time soon. I just wanted to take these thoughts off my mind.
Osta La Vista!

Monday, October 12, 2009

October so far

I can't believe it's already October 12th!!! I remember this day, last year like it was yesterday.. Jeremy left tomorrow, last year, for basic training! Yikes! It's already been a year????
Tomorrow is Elissa's birthday too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Last weekend Elissa and Momma Skibbe came up! It was fun! Elissa and I went shopping and Jeremy took Momma on base to show her around. Then we met up for lunch at Chili's. After that we went to the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, IA (just across the border) and gambled a little. I came out $40 ahead and then we went to the dog races. That was a lot of fun! Then we watched I love you, Man and Sweet Home Alabama and Taladega Nights! Lots of fun!

We went home this weekend.. for Gueda Fest and Josh Demo's wedding. Gueda Fest was Gueda Fest! Small, redneck, backwoods parade, lawn mower races and party at a box car.. woo hoo! Demo's wedding was apparently fun! I was just there for some of the reception.
We spent most of our weekend in Gueda at Momma Skibbe's. She had some goooood food! We got to see a lot of people but of course not everybody! I saw my mom when he was at the wedding, I went and ate lunch with Wendi and Elissa, we stayed at Pops' and Bob's house, we suprised Luke, Janet, AJ and Zoe at the football game on Friday, and we saw Courtney and Sherry on our way out of town! Very busy! But we had a great time!

Jeremy leaves Thursday for Vegas! He has "temporary duty" there. He is really excited!! And even thought I'M the one that just turned 21, I'm excited for him too! He will be gone for 18 days!!! Yikes! We haven't been apart since he got back from Tech School! But I think I'll be fine! I have WallE! :P WallE and I are going to go home for Arkalalah and Halloween weekend! That will be fun! Once again... spending Halloween by myself! :P oh well!

WallE is having flea problems! And it gets worse when we go home and we're around other dogs! But they will be gone soon, since it's cold outside. I WILL DEFEAT THEM!! They aren't bad, we haven't found any on us or anything! I just feel bad cause they pester the heck out of WallE!

Everything else has been really good! Neither of us have gotten sick yet, knock on wood!! We were both REALLY sick last year! He got sick at Tech School right before he came home for Christmas vacation, and then he gave it to me. I was not happy! I had to Christmas shop while being deathly sick (dramatization) hehe

I'll make up my own quote today..

I'd rather be fat than ugly, because I can always go on a diet.