Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy birthday!!

Monday was Jeremy's birthday! We didn't do much. He wanted to go fishing while I was at work but it rained so he didn't do anything. After I got home we went over to "The Simon's" and had chili dogs (they were delish) and hung out. But he got to do a lot of stuff in the month of July and I say it's for his birthday every time :P He went golfing, which meant I had to give him his presents early (plaid shorts and golf balls), he went to DJ's dugout to watch the UFC fights with The Simon's. He's not a big birthday person.. I am though! And my birthday is in a month and a half!!

I think WallE is done sleeping with us. He will be on the bed but unless I'm petting him he is whining and so he jumps down and sleeps on the floor. I don't mind petting him, but it's a little hard to scratch daddy's back and pet WallE at the same time. So I let him whine.
Jeremy made the BEST porkchops the other day. And I mean the BEST!!! I mean.. it was the merinade but he can have the credit! :P I had to work so I couldn't help with supper, but they were definitely worth waiting for!!! =)
We had Blimpie's for the first time the other day (it was my first time, his second), it was very good! I hope we can choose them over subway?!

Jeremy is working 6 days straight this week. Lame!

I have been working quite a bit too (at Dick's and through TAPS). So hopefully we can start saving some money!

Other than that nothing is going on! Peace and Love!

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