Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I was introduced to Scentsy in December when my MIL started selling it! She "scent" samples with me when we were in town for Christmas so I could have a basket party up here in Nebraska.
I gladly did this and got free product and discounts in return! My favorite scent is Snowberry but it has "scents" been retired. {SUPER SAD FACE} So I'm saving the bar that I have, for special occasions!

My aunt found a Scentsy giveaway for MILITARY SPOUSES!!! I love finding military spouse giveaways! From her post I learned that May 7 is Military Spouse Appreciation Day!! Since I'm not a mom, this will be MY day! :)
So you military spouses.... go check it out and enter to win a warmer and 3 scents!!

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