Thursday, April 15, 2010


Favorite Discovery: Oh gosh, ummm... (I just got off work, I can't think!!) I guess I'm going to have to say COUPONS!! I love em! Today I went to the store and didn't hardly anything that didn't have a coupon. And if it didn't it's because the couponed item had another brand that was cheaper even with the coupon. 
Favorite Place in the World: Well I definitely haven't been anywhere exciting. But I love Texas!
Style Icons: Reese Witherspoon
Favorite Designer: Don't really care about designers!? sorry! LOL
Favorite Movie: Well of course Sweet Home Alabama.. have it memorized :) Knocked up is good too!

Watch: Don't own or wear one.
Bags: I just buy em. And  not expensive ones. I would have to say I like the big purses but not HUGE ones.
Dresses: My favorite is my wedding dress :)
Shoes: I'm pretty simple.. I love my Adidas sandals! I almost walked out of the house wearing them to work today! Good thing Jeremy stopped me!

Inspiration: ha! none YET! I can't do anything in military housing but I think I'm going for a cozy home. Somewhere people will love to come to because they can relax and enjoy looking around!
Favorite Art: Eh, nothing yet. Like I said, haven't decorated my house yet. Although my grandparents have a painting/picture that I LOVE!
Bedding: Egyptian cotton sheets is enough to make me happy! But I want silvers and blues.
Stationery: I don't have any yet, but for that stuff I go to Zazzle
Coffee table books: photo albums :)
Flowers: Gerbera Daisies

Perfume: I can't remember LOL is that weird? I got it for Christmas one year and I can't remember what kind it is for the life of me! I look for it everywhere we go. It's in a pink, short, round bottle with a blue (I think) top.
Face Lotion: Face moisturizer I like Proactive's Green Tea Moisturizer. That's the only good thing that they ever made!
Body Lotion: Cegal
Mascara: Covergirl.. Orange tube haha! I'm so lame! I don't know names!!
Shampoo: Proactive
Soap: Bath & Body Works!


  1. Ditto on the coupons! Add samples and anything free to that list! I just added a few new ones to my blog.

    Proactive makes shampoo?!?!?

  2. Stephanie!
    It was SO fun to read your answers! Don't worry you will have a home someday to decorate and design...! Thanks SO much for sharing your answers with me! Come back and visit Cherry Blossoms {The Blog} again soon!

    Kiley @

  3. haha! I meant Pantene Pro-V! Sheesh! I must have been distracted by something, but that's pretty funny!