Friday, April 2, 2010

I love coupons! cont'd

Well I never got back to my old blog about my grocery shopping trip that one time. lol
And instead of digging in my purse for the receipt I'll just tell you about yesterdays trip!

I grabbed my buttload of coupons and went on my way...
My total before coupons was $100 (or so) Then $10 got knocked off because of Elissa's Kroger employee discount (I use her shoppers card) Then after my coupons my total was $80.72. I had a gift card that I won so I used that to knock $25 more dollars off and then my total was $55.72!!
$100 seems like a lot for 2 people but in this trip I did get toilet bowl cleaner, dish sponges and conditioner. And I stocked up on cereal, veggies, egg whites and chicken and milk (obviously for the cereal).
So I'm really getting into this coupon thing! And I can't wait for my printer to arrive, that I won!! Then I will have even better coupon savings!!!

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