Friday, February 26, 2010


This week has flown by, which is good because I haven't felt well for a week and a half!
Yesterday I was told about a tragedy at SeaWorld in Orlando. One of the trainers was killed by one of the whales.. but get this- it's a killer whale! So go figure! I do feel bad for the girl, but what do people expect?! And this isn't the first time he has killed a trainer! This is the THIRD time! They say that she wouldn't have wanted him to be put down. Well no, don't put him down. You are the one that took him from the ocean and put him in a swimming pool. That's they way I feel about it. It's silly to blame this on the whale.

Here is the story:
SeaWorld Orca Trainer Killed by Whale
February 26, 2010
Dawn Brancheau was standing in knee deep water interacting with Tilikum, a 5 ton 30-year-old male orca, when he pulled her into the water by her long ponytail. The 40-year-old trainer, who had 16 years of experience working with whales, was killed by the incident, which happened on Wednesday at Orlando’s SeaWorld theme park, which closed afterward.
Police have reported that Brancheau was killed from multiple traumatic injuries and drowning. At the time, park visitors were watching while she was interacting with him. It was first thought that she fell into his pool, but witnesses said that he grabbed her hair and pulled her underwater. The police statement says that all the evidence and witness statements indicate this was a tragic accident.
According to the sheriff’s office, Brancheau’s colleagues couldn’t immediately jump in to help her due to the killer whale’s aggressive nature. In order for the SeaWorld workers to recover Brancheau, they had to coax Tilikum into a small pool and lift him out of the water. This particular orca has been linked with 2 other deaths in 1991 and 1999.
The park said that they intend to keep Tilikum. However, all the orca shows in Orlando and San Diego have been suspended indefinitely. Corporate curator in charge of animal behavior Chuck Tompkins says that he doesn’t think the whale would survive in the wild. He added that they have had a hard time dealing with this, as all the animals loved working with Brancheau, but he doesn’t think putting the animal back in the wild would be fair.

I feel very bad for that girl, and I agree.. don't send a "house-trained" whale into the ocean, but maybe to a "retirement home". But killing it is not okay, and to keep on using it in shows is more than NOT okay!!

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