Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paying off!

So one day I came home from work and Jeremy suprised me with purchasing the Premuim membership on online-sweepstakes.com!! I hadn't been winning too much until lately when Aunt Susan told me to enter blogs. So I have been winning!

  • I have won a $50 Babys First Phone Call gift certificate (I gave it to Theresa, she is due in like 15 days!!). I'm trying to win one for Candace too! Thank you Organized Chaos! http://www.myorganizedchaos.net
  • I won an outfit for a baby. I could choose the gender and the size. I gave her the size for Brooklynn Howard and for Kolby Berg and told her to suprise me! So we'll see! :) Thank you Lady bugs and Tonka Trucks! http://ladybugsandtonkatrucks.blogspot.com/
  • I won a voucher for 100 Box Tops for Box Tops For Education, which I am giving to Alec to turn in at his school. I have been saving them for him, from the ones I get off my Toaster Strudel boxes! Thank you (I will post the website where I won this as soon as online-sweepstakes is back up and running)
  • I won a P90X DVD set!! Jeremy and I are very excited to start!! Thank you www.mynebraskacoupons.com!!

I received an email saying that my subscription for online-sweepstakes is almost expired, so I need to renew it.. I forwarded it to Jeremy hehe He said that I haven't been winning so we might not renew.. but I have been winning!! So maybe after getting this P90X dvd he will change his mind! Even though I didn't enter it off online-sweepstakes. Aunt Susan forwarded it to me. But my luck has to start somewhere! And apparently it's just getting started!!

On a different note... I finished my schooling on January 10th and here is it the 1st and I still hadn't received my certificate, so I emailed and asked why and they said that I didn't take one of my exams, but on my homepage it says that I have taken 12 of 12 exams. I took the test in my book, just didn't take it online, so I went and took it and it said that I have taken 13 of 12 exams...?! weird. So anyways.. I should be receiving my certificate soon and I will begin my job search soon!!

Have a good week!!

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