Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday longday

Whew! This seems silly but my feet hurt! After working 8.5 hours today! I'm used to 6 hours. My feet are really hurting! And so are my gums! I need to call a dentist tomorrow and make an appointment! I've been procrastinating because I'm used to my mom doing stuff like that for me! This weekend was a long weekend! Friday we went to the Zeman's house and partied hardy. Then Saturday we went bed shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart! We upgraded from a Full size bed to a Queen! It was a much needed change! The bed wasn't big enough and it was always hurting Jeremy's back. Our new bed is a Sealy pillowtop and we LOVE it!! We went to hang out on it after we set it up and I was asleep in 5 minutes (and drooling on my pillow!!)! And we got Egyptian cotton sheets to go with! We FINALLY used all of our JCP gift cards from when we got marred (a year and a half ago!) for the sheets.

We are starting P90X tomorrow!! I was going to start tonight but I can't breathe through my mouth without coughing for 5 minutes (I've been sick since Tuesday night) so I'm starting tomorrow. Christie said she would do it with me. Cathy said she would a while back but I think she is chickening out. She makes a squishy face every time I mention it haha
I will post progress pics! :)
Well here is what I have been up to tonight...

At and I entered to win a McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap (ends 2/21)

At I entered to win a Set of Martini Coasters (ends 3/1)
At I entered to win a Microsoft 3000 wireless mouse. (ends 3/3)
At and I entered to win a Singing Flower Pot with Built-in Moisture Sensor from Rockconcepts (ends 3/4)

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