Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love blog giveaways!

Well this stinks. Jeremy told me that I got a kids book today in the mail.. I don't remember entering for one but it's definitely possible. The note that was in it is very confusing and missing words, but I think I figured it out. When I won either a boys or girls outfit I told her to suprise me (the boy outfit 12 months or the girl outfit 5 months) well the note says that Sandra doesn't make 12 month outfits (even though the giveaway said it did). Soo they sent a book instead! A little weird but whatever I guess! I'm a little disappointed! I was looking forward to a new outfit to give to my nephew or cousin!

At and I entered to win a (ends March 6)

At I enterd to win a $50 gift card! (ends February 12)

At and I entered to win a 12" customized clock from For All Time Clocks. They are all so cute!! (Ends February 15)

At and I entered to win a $100 shopping spree. They have some CUTE patterns for plates and napkins! (ends February 15)

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