Saturday, March 13, 2010

Retail advice

If you have ever worked in retail you know how interesting it can get! As a cashier I see it ALL! So I'm taking it upon myself to give RETAIL ADVICE OF THE DAY.
Maybe this will make it's way around the internet and my fellow cashiers will be thanking me (I dream big don't I?) Or maybe one person will read this and make a cashiers day the next time they are shopping!

I will give some examples of how people act in PUBLIC! (I feel like Jeff Foxworthy and 'Here's your sign')
Today this lady forgot her coupons and she said "Oh damn! I forgot my coupons!" My reaction: omg! This lady just cussed because she forgot a coupon! I understand saving a couple bucks, but she can bring back her coupon and her receipt!

This lady and her son came through my line, they just got one thing and I watched her son reach really far just to get a package of candy down. When she saw it she went and put the package back. The he started kicking her because she put it in the wrong spot. My reaction: Don't ever allow your kid to kick you. Kick him back and see how he likes it (obviously don't do it hard). Or swat his bottom! Yes I believe is spanking your kids if it's going to teach them a lesson.
I usually always get onto kids that are being naughty. I hate to use the words 'get onto' because I'm not scolding them, I'm just trying to help the parents so I can get them out of the store and they can deal with the child. Like when the kids are climbing up on the area where I bag the items, and they get told to get down (I could care less if they are up there) I give them a look like 'Uh oh! you're in trouble!' I raise my eyebrows and have a look like 'oops!'. Or when kids ask for candy (they ask EVERY time) and the parent says no because they haven't been listening, I say "Uh oh! Have you been naughty?" And they hate strangers telling them that they have been naughty or they are embarrassed so they just stand there or hide in their parents' leg. I'm not trying to be rude, or parent your child, I just want you to get done signing your credit card receipt or finish writing your check so I can get the 10 people behind you to stop staring at me while they are waiting oh so patiently.
I also talk to the kids even when they aren't getting in trouble. If they have a ball or something I will talk to them about that. Or if they just got stuff for a sport I will talk to them about the sport and tell them good luck and to let me know how it's going. I've even had a little girl tell me that she loves me! LOL I like talking to kids. They are soo funny and interesting. It's really interesting to talk to the ones that are 5 and still babied. There is nothing wrong with loving your babies but teach them social skills. (This is starting to sound like a lecture on how to raise your kid, from a person that doesn't have kids! Sorry!!) But my worst memory of when I was trying to talk to this little boy was sometime recently, maybe early February. I was trying to talk to him and he was just being a flirty, shy little boy and he wasn't talking back to me. His dad got on to him and told him that he was being rude. And he just kept getting onto him! I did NOT mean to get him in trouble! And forcing social skills wasn't what I meant either.

That's just the part about the kids... so my advice for today is
Don't bring your kids shopping with you if they don't know how to act in public. You have to teach them young or it's a hopeless cause!


  1. Hahahaha!!!!!! I was a cashier (at Wal*Mart of all places, so you know I saw A LOT) for 3 years (during hs and college) it's hillarious because this sounds like rants I went on *all* the time! :D And trust me, as someone who is now a mom I still totally and 100% feel the way that you just wrote!!! My daughter has never once had a temper tantrum in a store. If you raise your kiddos RIGHT they DON'T!!!! It's that easy!

  2. I could see your point for sure--I usually don't mind the cashier helping me out :)

    I do have to disagree with the girl above me though...I believe I raise my daughter "right" but guess what? She still will throw a tantrum!

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