Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love coupons!

I'm just going through the grocery add that I got today, with my coupons sitting beside me, and I'm LOVING coupons right now!

I always go for the Baker's add first because my sister works there and I can get her 10% employee discount, also because I am using a gift card that I won from Kroger! So I see that Dole salad is 2/$3 and I have a coupon for $1 off 2. For a total of $2! But as soon as I looked at HyVee's Hot Deals I saw that on Saturday Dole salad is $0.88!! My coupon requires me to get 2 so I'm getting 2 bags of salad for $0.76!!

And while I thought diet pepsi was off the grocery list, I WAS WRONG! So right now at Baker's 2 liters are 10/$10. Then I looked at No Frills add and they are $0.88! YES!! That's a savings of (since I'm getting 4 bottles) $.048!!

I just love coupons! :)
I'll update this blog to share how much I spent and how much I saved.. buying only 4 boxes of Toaster Struedel* (hey it's not all for me!!), Fiber One yogurt*, salad*, Diet Pepsi, 2 half gallons of milk*, Crystal Light*, and bacon*
(I'm not sure if anything else will be on the list, haven't asked if J needs anything. But we are pretty well stocked on chicken and eggs which is all he eats so..)


  1. I wish I was better about coupons. I have tried to do it, but always end up losing them or forgetting to use them when I pay. The times I have used them though I have saved a ton!

  2. Make a list of all the items you use and we will send you some coupons!! I'll send my list to you, too. I clicp every coupon out of the papers and get others in the mail, so I'm sure to have some you can use!!


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