Friday, March 5, 2010

Going to the doctor!

Finally after 3 weeks of having a sore throat, no voice and coughing I'm going to the doctor. It went away after 2 weeks, but now it's back! This time it feels different.. so I'm going to the doctor this morning! It feels like strep this time. Hopefully it's not but it would get me out of work for today and tomorrow! :P
I'm on my way right now, so I'll edit this post and let everyone (ha!) know how it goes!
(UPDATE) Well the throat culture came back negative... Maybe it's getting better idk! But I'm starting to cough. Who knows what is wrong with me!!

Day 4 of P90X was okay. We did Yoga. I didn't mind it, except that it's an hour and a half long!!! That was a lot! There was a lot of stuff we couldn't do! So we'll see how we improve over the weeks! :)

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