Thursday, March 4, 2010


Day 3 of P90X was intense! Actually it wasn't bad, I just already hurt from day 1 and 2!! I took some IBprofen before going to bed early last night and I seem to be doing fine this morning!Day 4 is Yoga... hopefully that will stretch me out and I won't be sore tomorrow either!

Before I list giveaways I'll list wins!

Well yesterday Jeremy came in from getting the mail, all excited, because he thought my certificate was here.. but it was a $50 Visa gift card! I guess if it's not going to be my certificate then I'll take $50! It was from a giveaway having to do with Atari. There was nothing else in the package.. so thanks whoever it was!!

I also won another CoverGirl Smokey Eye Kit! from Alex Casey Baby
Thanks Jill!!

I won a Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women from Sassy Frazz! Thanks Sarah!

I also won a Redbox Rental Code! From the Glamorous WAHM! Thanks Kenyatta!

At I entered to win a pack of Hot Chocolate products from Carolina Pad (ends 3/17)

At I entered to win a Thinksport Safe Mat (ends 3/9)

At I entered to win a Flirty Apron! (ends 3/11)

At I entered to win Tutus and Tiaras Party Pack for four from My Princess Party to Go (ends 3/17)

At I entered to win a Hana Professional 1" Flat Iron pink edition (ends 3/23)


  1. Checking in to see your blog. Unfortunately I don't see a link to my blog so I will have to delete your blog comment. Sorry!

  2. Thanks. I don't know why it wasn't showing up before! Thanks for blogging and being a blog follower of Cherry Blossoms! I really appreciate it!

    Warmest Wishes,

    P.S. Lots of GREAT Giveaways coming up!