Monday, October 12, 2009

October so far

I can't believe it's already October 12th!!! I remember this day, last year like it was yesterday.. Jeremy left tomorrow, last year, for basic training! Yikes! It's already been a year????
Tomorrow is Elissa's birthday too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Last weekend Elissa and Momma Skibbe came up! It was fun! Elissa and I went shopping and Jeremy took Momma on base to show her around. Then we met up for lunch at Chili's. After that we went to the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, IA (just across the border) and gambled a little. I came out $40 ahead and then we went to the dog races. That was a lot of fun! Then we watched I love you, Man and Sweet Home Alabama and Taladega Nights! Lots of fun!

We went home this weekend.. for Gueda Fest and Josh Demo's wedding. Gueda Fest was Gueda Fest! Small, redneck, backwoods parade, lawn mower races and party at a box car.. woo hoo! Demo's wedding was apparently fun! I was just there for some of the reception.
We spent most of our weekend in Gueda at Momma Skibbe's. She had some goooood food! We got to see a lot of people but of course not everybody! I saw my mom when he was at the wedding, I went and ate lunch with Wendi and Elissa, we stayed at Pops' and Bob's house, we suprised Luke, Janet, AJ and Zoe at the football game on Friday, and we saw Courtney and Sherry on our way out of town! Very busy! But we had a great time!

Jeremy leaves Thursday for Vegas! He has "temporary duty" there. He is really excited!! And even thought I'M the one that just turned 21, I'm excited for him too! He will be gone for 18 days!!! Yikes! We haven't been apart since he got back from Tech School! But I think I'll be fine! I have WallE! :P WallE and I are going to go home for Arkalalah and Halloween weekend! That will be fun! Once again... spending Halloween by myself! :P oh well!

WallE is having flea problems! And it gets worse when we go home and we're around other dogs! But they will be gone soon, since it's cold outside. I WILL DEFEAT THEM!! They aren't bad, we haven't found any on us or anything! I just feel bad cause they pester the heck out of WallE!

Everything else has been really good! Neither of us have gotten sick yet, knock on wood!! We were both REALLY sick last year! He got sick at Tech School right before he came home for Christmas vacation, and then he gave it to me. I was not happy! I had to Christmas shop while being deathly sick (dramatization) hehe

I'll make up my own quote today..

I'd rather be fat than ugly, because I can always go on a diet.

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