Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I don't understand!!

September 22
Not a good day! 5 years ago today I lost a friend in a car accident. He was a great guy! Very active in sports and wouldn't hurt a fly! One year ago today, Josh Skibbe, Jeremy's best friend died in a motorcycle accident. Jeremy hasn't been the same since. And today is Tyler Juden's funeral. He was killed in Afgahnistan. I know that Josh was a good guy and from the response from Ark City, Juden was a good guy too! I just don't understand all this! We are told to give things to the Lord.. I do that, alot. But one thing I don't want to give to him is my family and friends! I don't want THAT to be taken from me. Maybe this is selfish, but I just want him to take my problems and handle them. Not my loved ones.

I lost a lot of friends in high school, Nick, Taylor, Lexi, it's only 3 but that's a lot, especially when they are all in a 5 month span... FIVE MONTHS!! That's a lot of hurting. I miss all of them dearly and wish I could just talk to them one more time, but that would only leave me wanting more time.

I do count my blessings, and I know that one of them is that I have had my brothers deployed for a long period of time, and both of them are now home, safe, with their families! Jeremy wants to get deployed and I will pray for him from now until the day he gets back. I love him very much and couldn't handle losing him. I am very fortunate, but I am very empathetic, so even though I don't know Tyler Juden or any of his family, I just want to cry my heart out for them. This war is an evil thing and I don't think I could handle losing a loved one to it.

Always count your blessings, never take anything for granted, and cherish every moment!

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