Monday, May 3, 2010

Retail advice again

I've posted a blog before with some retail advice but mostly talked about bringing your kids to the store with you.. Most of this is going to be about when you are checking out because I'm mostly a cashier.  But here is a list..

  • If the store offers a rewards card (not a credit card) just sign up. Even if you don't shop there that often. More times than not the store associate is being "graded" on how many sign ups they get. They don't cost money, they save you money by sending you coupons! Plus you never know when they are going to send a coupon that you need at the time!
  • If a cashier doesn't have their "open" sign on, don't go to their line. If it's not on they are probably trying to go take their break or use the restroom or get off work. Now if they are just standing there not doing anything and the sign is off, ask if they are open. 
  • Before you go complaining to the cashier about something (needing help, being mad because they don't accept a certain coupon, you think something needs to change at the store) think about it... you are about to complain to someone who gets paid minimum wage (or so). Do you really think they are going to care that you can't use your coupon that you printed off the internet?
  • If you have internet-printed coupons, check with the store to make sure they accept them before you go walking around the store and get a bunch of stuff just to find out they don't accept them!
  • If a cashier is doing something at their register (pricing merchandise, folding shirts) don't just walk up and put your stuff down on top of what they are doing. When they get that shirt folded and set to the side they will assist you.
  • Yes, customers should be associates #1 priority but just because you can't find someone to help you, doesn't mean you need to get ugly with the cashier. Maybe you should get ugly with the corporate office and tell them to allow more payroll so associates can be on the floor assisting customers. What I mean by this is, when a store gets a "truck"/shipment the associates are unloading the truck and then unloading the merchandise. Therefore they can't be on the floor. If corporate allowed for more payroll they could have certain people working on getting more merchandise on the floor, and certain people helping you!
  • More times than not, the customers that complain because they can't find anyone to help them, are the customers that are making the messes that the associates are busy cleaning up after. When you want to look at a pair of shorts and you take them off the hanger, don't just throw the shorts and hanger somewhere. Yes they get paid to do it but after 20 shorts (not exaggerating!!) it gets old and very irritating! 
  • When fitting rooms say 'limit 3 items' they mean it! Don't bring your over-flowing shopping cart in there and hog the fitting room for an hour. Even if the fitting room is unlocked, someone still has to clean it up!
  • If a tag accidentally gets pulled off while you are trying clothes on, just set it on top of the item. Don't throw it on the floor. 
  • If your kids are playing with balls or other merchandise, make sure they get it put back in the same place. When they put it back in the wrong place, beside the wrong price tag, another customer will assume that's the price for it and throw a fit when it's not. You've been there! And you've probably rushed your kid and made them just set something on the wrong shelf!
  • Don't leave your children in a store by themselves until they are 18. You never know if they are stealing or causing trouble. 
  • Don't shove your money in the cashiers face. On the other hand don't lay it down on the counter when they are standing there waiting for it or when they have their hand out waiting (yes, it happens. all the time.). Be courteous
  • Lastly, don't be rude to the cashier. They average about 100 customers each, if every customer was rude.. they are going to get rude back. Cashiers take a lot of belittling, so it's a nice change when someone takes two seconds to smile and be nice!
Just remember this advice when you go shopping again. It will make your life easier and the employees happier to do their job which will make you happier!!

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  1. amen, girl! i worked in several retail jobs during high school and college, and while i loved the stores and the folks i worked with, the customers were the only ones who would ruin my day. there were so many times i wanted to yell, "treat me like a person!!!" keep fighting the good fight. this is why i think everyone should have to work in retail and food service at some point in their lives, so that they appreciate how difficult those jobs are.