Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well we haven't been up to much lately. Elissa came up for the weekend. I had to work until 10 Friday so Jeremy and his friend took her to some bars in Omaha. They all had a really good time! Saturday we had Biscuits and gravy for brunch then Elissa (and I, sorta) made spaghetti pizza and we had that for supper! That was Jeremy's first 'spaghetti pizza experience' and he actually enjoyed it! I was suprised and glad cause it's super easy to make! Then we went to the movies and watched Fast & Furious 4. It was really good! Sunday I made doughnuts and we had those for breakfast. They were good! But fattening :( Then I had to work at 12 so I had to say bye to Elissa and she left a little bit later.
While I was gone, Jeremy did a lot of cleaning for me!! :) So I am going to say THANK YOU!! again!! He's great!
We got WallE and stake and a 30 ft. leash so he can play outside and I don't have to stand there and watch him. He LOVES being outside!! There's not any trees outside so he has to go to the side of the house to get any shade.
Work is going good. I am still keeping my eye out on any receptionist jobs but not worrying about it. "Beggars can't be choosers."
Happy Easter!!

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