Monday, March 23, 2009

Ready for the world

All of our stuff is out of boxes and just about in a permanent place. Of course I keep rearranging things and such, but for the most part it's all done.

So far we are really enjoying being up here! We are really enjoying spending time together and finally starting our marriage! Jeremy is really enjoying his job and I just found a job the other day. I will be working at Dick's Sporting Goods. I can't complain.. it's out of food which is what I was looking for! WallE is really enjoying out house also! He has been pretty good for the most part! Getting potty trained has been our #1 priority for him!

There is a birthday ball for the Offutt AFB on March 28th. I am really looking forward to it! We are both looking forward to alot in our future's. For right now, we are just enjoying life! :)

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