Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well the first month of 2010 is near an end! It's been a busy one!

Amanda and Adam stayed with us for a week. Adam deployed on the 19th, but they had to be out of their house on the 12th so I told them to stay with us. We have a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house, there was no way I was going to let them stay at the Cochroach-Inn! It was an interesting week! I'm SO used to it just being Jeremy and I, therefore my house is CLEAN! And the way I want it. If it's messy, it's my own fault and I can clean it when I want to! So having 2 other people and a young but full-grown lab in my house... you can only imagine how I felt! Plus the fact that it's wet and nasty out doesn't help. So I had towels at all the doors and there were tons of shoes at all the doors! Plus Maverick is too wild for me! He was always barking, chewing on stuff and trying to bite WallE! So of course all that made me mad. He would be fine when Adam and Amanda weren't there but the minute they came home, he was a wild child! It was weird. But I was more than happy to help them out! I would hope someone would do that for us if we were in that situation!

I got a couple of sweepstake prizes! 2 spitoons and a wal-mart gift card!! Still trying to find time to enter!!

I got done with my schooling on January 10th! So now I'm waiting for my diploma so I can start this job search! I can't wait to quit Dick's Sporting Goods!! That place gets more and more ridiculous!

I'm trying to talk Jeremy into having kids sometime soon! Not necessarily right now, but I want them soon because I want something to do. Like I told him.. I am not moved and given friends like he is. Sure the military is stressful but what job isn't. But I am the one that has to find the jobs and the friends every time we move. I'm hating it already and we've only moved once! I just miss having friends to go hang out with or call and tell them something.. it's tough right now. Kudos to ANYBODY that does that.. military or not!

Another thing I want to talk about.. Haiti. That earthquake was horrible for that country. I would hate to be in that situation.. oh wait! Our country has been/ is in that situation! Hurricane Katrina was horrible! The places that were hit by that hurricane are NOT fixed. But our "wonderful" president wants to raise our taxes in order to raise $100 million dollars for Haiti so they can rebuild their country : Seriously? we are in a RECESSION!!!! I am all for sending doctors and nurses to help, but not money. Our country is in need of that money as well. And don't send the military. They are barely home as it is.. sending them to yet ANOTHER place away from their family isn't okay.

Okay I think I'm done! lol Bring it on February! I'm excited for all you have to offer!

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