Saturday, January 9, 2010

I just have to share this!

Last Saturday I went to HyVee in Papillion. Normally I go to Bakers in Bellevue or the Comissary (the grocery store on base) but HyVee had bananas on sale and Jeremy wanted some so I went there...
I was looking at the hot sauce, not really sure what Jeremy wanted so it took a while. I was on the right side of the isle looking at the hot sauce on the left side, there was this lady in front of my cart looking at the stuff on the right side of the isle, but I wasn't in her way and she wasn't in mine. So then she decided she wanted to look at what was behind me so she came and stood RIGHT in front of me!! It would have been fine if she wasn't HUGE but I couldn't see anything! And she just stood there! ..Never said excuse me or anything! Then after about 30 seconds of her standing in my way (I wasn't about to move or say excuse me, I was there first!!) she stepped to the side and was reaching behind me... STILL without saying excuse me!!

I HATE NEBRASKA!!! I hate everything about it!! The people are rude, the weather SUCKS, and the people are rude! I can't wait to PCS! Now we just need orders! lol

Oh and while I'm on here... I'm ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL!!! I will stick my nose back in the books tomorrow and BE FINISHED!!! The last unit just talks about finding a job.. so I should cruise through it! Then I will just study for the next 4 months until May when I will start looking for a job! I have to wait because we want to take a 2 week vacation in May. I don't want to start a new job then ask for 2 weeks off.

I'm so excited to make REAL money! And that's silly but my paychecks from Dick's barely get us anywhere! Maybe I'LL be the bread-winner after I am a Dental Assistant :P

My New Year's Resolution is to SAVE MONEY!! It's nothing about weight or dieting.. I am using LOTS of COUPONS!! Then when it says at the bottom of the receipt how much I saved, then I will take that much money out of our account for savings at the end of each month :) It will be great! Plus we will be done with one of Jeremy's loan payments this year and that will also help!

HAPPY 2010!!!!

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